07310 999059

The telephone number 07310 999059 is being used by scammers offering fake Covid-19 business relief grants. If you receive a text or phone call from 07310 999059 then don’t answer answer. If you receive a text message then make sure you do not click on  any links.

Govuk relief grant Scam Website

UK residents who have received a text from 07310 999059 report that the message contains a link to a website called GovUk relief Grant. The website Govuk-relief-grant(.)com was set up by scammers to look like a real government website. It provides options for visitors to input their bank details. However, anyone who does so will not be applying for a grant with the UK government but rather targeted by scammers.

Govuk-relief-grant(.)com was launched in November 2020 and is hosted by Namecheap, an internet provider that are notorious for providing hosting to scam sites.

What should I do if I get a text message from 07310 999059?

Recipients of scam messages from 07310 999059 should contact HMRC by emailing phishing@hmrc.gov.uk